Client Testimonials


Excellent Work Of A Great Professional. Thanks Olivier!m
Damien W. Carew, Managing Partner,Matrix Ventures JLT

Gentlemen, I felt compelled to take the time to write to you both, as in my 9 years of property investment here in Dubai, this was by far the most professional experience I have had to date. Olivier contacted me cold via email, which I generally dislike, however his email was clear and polite and I happened to be selling in the area he was enquiring about. I emailed him that I was interested in selling and from that day forth, he chased me for the information, followed up day after day till I had time to give it to him and then within days he had secured a buyer for both remaining properties. He managed the sales process, the purchaser and the buyers POA & agent with a firm hand, which is needed transacting real estate in Dubai. I find poor work is often pointed out quickly but great work seldom praised
March 15, 2015

A Professional team with made it real for us
Catherine Laife, Toronto, Canada

Gentlemen, firstly want to say, how professional and friendly AAProperties consultants are which is a unique combination. AAProperties has changed my view on purchase in the real estate market in the UAE, specifically in Dubai as we have made a very good purchase on The Palm Jumeirah and that too in recession, which was a scary and risky time for all but we believed like AAProperties in their time when nobody did. We are truly thankful for this and we would recommend it for the same
Jan 18, 2015

An Outstanding sale price
Rodney Taylor, NYC, USA

We would like to sincerely thank AAProperties for professionalism and enthusiasm in obtaining an outstanding sale price for our property. We particularly appreciated the daily communication from the consultant to keep us informed on any developments in the early stages of the marketing campaign. They were always prompt, patient and polite in addressing any concerns we had right through to after settlement. This secured us a higher than expected sale price in just five days. We feel very privileged to have such a team
November 15, 2014

A very good experience
Rahul Mehta, Delhi, India

Prior to listing my property, I checked AAProperties with a number of questions to see either they are the right choice to handle my property sale. And the choice was not wrong. Their Well explained answers and details of procedure, made lthe sales process very much easier. All the decisions made by the team were the same as I would have made personally. In fact I received the distinct impression that they were handling the sale far better than I could have despite my life experience in buying and selling my properties over the years. Thanks again for your prompt and professional service
June 23, 2014

A Sales Team worth recommending
Rahul Mehta, Delhi, India

The service exceeded our expectations, we felt that the agent acted impeccably and honestly, very helpful and always available.AAProperties gave us a service of high standard, honest and reliable with an agent who was flexible and helpful. To achieve a sale at the asking price on the second day that our house went on the market was all we could ask for.Couldn't not fault the service – highly recommend it to anyone. Thank You for the huge effort you put in to obtain the great sale price on our house